Quick overview

When you or your clients log in to Portlr, you will see a dashboard that provides a quick overview of the most important data of your business and projects.

Consultant dashboard

With your dashboard for you as the supplier, your consultants can get a quick overview of:

  • Number of projects they are assigned to
  • Projects that are overdue
  • New tasks
  • Billing rate for the single consultant as well as the company as a whole
  • News in Portlr so the consultants can keep up with new possibilities on the platform

Client dashboard

Your clients gets an overview of:

  • Active tasks
  • Tasks that awaits approval of estimate
  • Tasks awaiting client testing
  • Status on invoices

Deadline function

If you work with deadlines and want it integrated on your dashboard, we can easily and cost-effectively add it for you. This ensures that the employees always have an overview of the next deadlines in a clear order.

Tasks / service desk

Digital acceptance

After you have entered into a collaboration with a customer, they can either send in tasks to the service desk per. mail or log in and create the task. Regardless of how the task is created, agreement on the task’s finances and time limit is important to have in place before it is started up.

Once a task is created, you can add an estimate and ask for the customer’s acceptance before startup. Then the customer receives an email with a link, which they must press if they accept the estimate. Once the estimate is approved, the task can be started.

In this way, you move the estimate out of the mailbox and into Portlr. Moreover, the estimate is visible when hours are recorded and finally when billing. In this way everyone who works on the task is aware of what has been agreed.

This sounds like a simple and small thing, but for many of our customers it is exactly here that they gain the greatest benefit compared to all other support systems on the market.

Office 365 kundeportal

Most companies today have an Office 365 account, and since Portlr is an integral part of Office 365, it is possible to create customer sites. From here you can share documents and collaborate with customers about agreements, documentation, project documents, etc.

Our 15 years of experience with SharePoint / Office 365 means that in addition to customer sites, we can also offer a lot of other modules for SharePoint and Office 365, which ensures that you work as efficiently as possible.

Time registration

Useful time registrations

There are two typical challenges when it comes to time registration:

  1. Time registrations of employees are often inadequate when it comes to the description of the time registration.
  2. It is very time-consuming to handle the invoicing, as it is difficult to figure our which task the employee worked on and what has been agreed with the client in regards to the finances.

The reason for these problems are often on a customer/project level and the individual sub-tasks are registered in another system.

Portlr is both an hourly registration and task / support system, and therefore we can make it even easier for the employee to register hours. The employees simply have to choose the project, and possibly, task when they have worked on the task. When this is done, comments are redundant, although it is still possible to enter.

Good registrations lead to easy and more accurate billing, which ultimately means increased profits.


It is quick and easy to create new clients as Portlr has a direct integration to the CVR register.

All you have to do is put in the client name or CVR number after which all other information will appear automatically.

It does not get any easier than that.


Hourly pricing or project based?

When creating a project, you can choose whether it should be billed per. hour, via contract hours or with fixed price.

Then you add a project manager and consultants. These are given access to register hours and to be able to work on tasks associated with the project.

It is also possible to choose whether the individual consultants should work for the same hourly rate or differentiated prices for the project.


Driving, hotel or something else

If you register driving, food or other expenses, it is possible to include these in the total costs of a project or a task.

You can also use the module if you have sold a physical item related to a customer and a project that you later have to add to the invoice journal.

We are also working on expanding this module to include automatic driving registration.


Quick overview

Since hourly registration and tasks / projects are closely linked in Portlr, billing is easy and fast.

Here you can choose the classic view where all registrations for a customer / project are displayed on a long list.

You can also select Portlr’s “Group by Task” view, where all records for a single sub-task are displayed together. In addition, you can see the estimate agreed with the customer and see what has previously been invoiced on the task.

To make it even easier, we have implemented a “Copy to all” function. If you choose that an hour on a task is billable and should be added to the invoice and press “copy to all”, then all registrations based on this task are added to an invoice. In this way, you do not have to mark hundreds of lines with the same selection.

We have also made it easier for you to see what is already billed or marked as “Not billable” with our function “Show new registrations”. If you have enabled this, you will only see the registrations that you have not yet decided on.

Our customers typically reduce the time spent on billing by 80%.

Accounting / integration

When all your time registrations has been added to an invoice, it only takes one click to create an identical invoice journal in your accounting system.

We integrate with most recognized systems on the market such as:

  • Dinero
  • Billy
  • E-conomic
  • Navision
  • Uniconta

Is your accounting system not on the list, please contact us. We would be happy to do an integration to your system.


Quick overview

You can quickly pull reports out of Portlr. This applies, for example, to reports regarding hours spent on a project, time registrations from a specific consultant, costs registered on a customer for a given period, etc.

The reports can either be viewed online or exported to Excel. For more advanced reporting, we have a number of PowerBi reports that can be used with Portlr.


Roles and users

You can add internal employees, clients, administrators as well as create new rolls on your platform.

Furthermore, you can customize the design on the platform in terms of logo and colors.

Integration to your accounting system, unique email adress and URL, this is also possible.

Eget design og sprog

Tilføj jeres eget logo, farver og profilbilleder til jeres medarbejdere, så jeres platform kan få det helt rigtige visuelle design i forhold til netop jeres virksomhed.

Platformen er samtidig 100% oversættelig. Så arbejder I med “klienter” i stedet for “kunder”, eller “sager” i stedet for “projekter”, kan I frit tilpasse platformen efter jeres behov.

Single sign-on

Neither your customers nor internal employees have to create a unique login or password in order to log in to Portlr. Portlr is an integral part of Office 365 and Azure. In this way, users can of course log in with the same username and password that they already have.

If your company uses Google, we naurally also support this. If you want a unique username and password for Porltr, this is also possible.