New feature: Portlr Desktop application - Portlr

New feature: Portlr Desktop application

A new addition to an always growing platform

As part of Portlr development a new desktop application will be introduced in 2019. The application is supposed to ease time registration for the user. Portlr’s focus is to simplify user-friendliness and make it easy for the user to register his or her hours as detailed as possible. This is where Portlr Desktop enter the picture.

Portlr’s new desktop application will serve as an app on the computer which is always logged in and accessible for the user. The application contains everything that is always available on Portlr and will in time be extended with new beneficial features.


How to install the desktop application:

On your personal Portlr page look to the bottom right corner. Here you will find a button with the text “Install App”. With only one click Portlr Desktop will begin downloading, and you will soon be ready to get started.


We always strive to accommodate our customers wishes and make time registration as simple as possible. Do you have any wishes or ideas for improving Portlr, please feel free to tell us.