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Portlr complies with your needs

Here at Portlr we wish to grand our customers an experience of optimisation of hours used registering time and tasks. It has to be easy for the employee to be able to administer the program and it has to be possible to gather all the functions you need in one time managing program.

Portlr is by now well established and more companies see the benefits of a program, which is capable of combining time registration and task managing. As a system operator you have to be open to change and additions, and of course Portlr is as well.

Both individual and more general wishes may arise to a platform as Portlr. We always strive to accommodate our customers wishes, so they experience the biggest possible optimisation of hours.

Therefore, we always offer two possibilities for adjustments to Portlr. This ensures that you get a platform that fits your needs exactly.

Optimisation of hours with community add-on

With community add-on the user will have the opportunity to suggest benefits to optimise the system. We implement and improve with pleasure, without it costing you a dime.

Simply add your ideas to the improvements here and let it be up to our users to vote for the change.

Optimisation of hours with custom add-on

Do you have a critical wish to Portlr’s functions or is there anything you think your company would benefit from? Then custom add-on is the way to go. At Portlr we care about individuality and we are more than willing to help to help optimise the program so that it fits your needs.

Contact us and get a price on the exact changes or additions you want to make. It is important to us that Portlr is able to live up to your standards of a single combined platform. It is our vision that you don’t have to implement alternate systems. Here we want everything to be accessible on one platform – that is Portlr’s spirit.

We are ready both via mail, chat and phone – so don’t be shy to ask for changes or additions, that may ease your workday.