We have two versions of Portlr you can choose from; Basic or Enterprise.

The base is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses with up to 25 internal users (your clients are free users).
Enterprise is aimed at larger companies with more than 25 internal users, where the price will be customized of any special adjustments.

1. When can we start using the platform

2. For how long is the trial free?

You have one month’s free trial period from the first time in logs on the platform. During the trial period, your platform will be based on what comes with the Basic package, though without the possibility of integrating external systems.

3. Are there any support available?

Yes. Contact us at our chat on the website where the support is free. We are ready to help with all problems – big and small.

4. Will our data be stored securely?

Yes, our solution is 100% compliant with data security legislation and there is no risk in storing data with us.

5. Can we change subscriptions along the way?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time if you want another subscription. The change will take effect within 24 hours and without charge.

6. How many users can we add to our platform?

As many as you want to. There are no limitations.


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About us

Portlr is not created on the basis of a fictitious need, but a real need that we ourselves have had and which many companies have.

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