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Top 3 new features to Portlr in 2019

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In 2019 a number of new features will be introduced at Portlr. We strive to become even better at what we do and improve what our system can do. Our goal is to be the best system available on the market for time registration, project- and task management.

During the year a bunch of new features will be introduced on the website. Read more about it here. The three main additions are as follows:


Registration of hours spent on phone calls

In addition to the launch of the Portlr app a new function will be added which will only be accessible on the app. To most companies accessibility and contact with customers is important and a lot of working hours are spent talking on the phone. It may often be difficult to keep an eye on how much time is spent talking on the phone. Time which is often lost when registering hours.

The Portlr app makes it easy to register calls made with a customer. Is the app installed on the phone the call will automatically be added to the consultants activity log. From here it can easily be added to the time registration sheet. Precise registration of hours makes it easy for the consultant to benefit to a detailed invoice.


Desktop Logger 

In addition to the Portlr app we also provide an app for the computer – namely Desktop Logger. Desktop Logger enables the consultant to answer emails and create presentations and automatically add the time spent on these task to the invoice. Often these hours spent on administrative work is not registered, but Desktop Logger is the solution to that.

With Desktop Logger the consultant no longer has to manually register time spent on emails and so. By the use of digital intelligens the time is automatically registered to the specific customer.


Integration to SharePoint/Office 365

Another new feature available in 2019 is the integration of SharePoint to Office 365. This means it will be possible for your company to create a customer site on Office 365. This way you can share documents with you client.

The common document site can be created directly through Portlr and hereafter administered through Offie365. An easy solution which ensures a great collaboration with the customer with no trouble for the company.


We need your help

We always strive to make it as simple as possible for you to keep track of your time registration and task management. Do you therefore have any wishes or ideas for optimising Portlr we would love to hear from you.