Why do consultants often exceed the estimate? ?

Why do consultants often exceed the estimate?


It is a well-known problem for many companies that an estimate is exceeded. This is both in regards to projects, but also small tasks.

Often, the problem is due to the employee not having easy access to the estimate and what has been agreed upon. This information is typically only accessible in a document of agreement or to the project manager when reporting.

The estimate and expense has to be visible

If you wish your consultant to comply with the estimate it has to be visible every time they make a time registration.

Also, they have to be able to see how many hours have already been spend.



Make demands

It is hard to make demands to your consultants if you do not make it visible.

But when it is visible and accessible you may expect that the consultant complies with the expenses.

Insight secures company satisfaction and reduces stress

Our experience when introducing Portlr with new customers is that the better the insight the happier the consultant. As a consultant you may feel more successful when being able to comply with the estimate. This may reduce stress and increase the willingness to perform your job as great as possible. In general a great IT system help ensure a great work environment.


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